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  • Richely Lopez

Best tips to travel to Cuba

Cuba, a country of the West Indies, is the largest single island in the archipelago. Cuba stretches from the northern coast to the southern coast. Cuba’s capital city is Havana.

Cuba is one of the more influential states in Central America and Colombia. It is also an influential state in Latin America and Europe due to its export of commodities such as sugar, tobacco, rice, coffee, and citrus fruits.

Traveling to Cuba is a different experience because it can be hard to find reliable information about this country due to the U.S embargo against it. However, using these tips can help you make your trip more enjoyable!

Get your visa

Interested in traveling to Cuba? You will first need to get a Cuban tourist visa. This visa is required for all non-Cuban citizens, whether you are a U.S. citizens or not. If you live in Cuba and have not lived there for more than three months, you will also need a tourist visa from the U.S. Embassy to travel outside of Cuba and back again, even if only for a day trip.

Pack your bags

Cuba is a fascinating destination with an exotic charm, rich culture, and lively music. It's a country that's stuck somewhere in time and has a lot to offer. Luckily, Cuba is getting easier to visit than ever before. For Americans, the embargo lift in 2016 has meant much more access to flights and cruises. Traveling to Cuba takes some research and planning but it can be rewarding for anyone who wants the chance to see what life was like 50 years ago without all of the hustle or bustle of modern living.

Connect with Mariposa Azul Travel Agency

If you are looking to travel to Cuba, then you should consult a travel agency. They have the experience and knowledge of what is best for your needs. Particularly if you are going with children, they will know all the best places to visit that will be safe and most enjoyable for all of your family.

There are a lot of great tips when it comes to traveling to this destination, but it's important not to try and do too much in one trip. It's better to see the country in small parts because everything is so rich and long that it can be hard for tourists if they try and squeeze it all in at once.


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